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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Kaitlin Bacile

Kaitlin Bacile (2003-2008)

Kaitlin Elise Bacile was five years old and had autism. Kaitlin was born on July 28, 2003, in Tampa, Florida. Kaitlin had been a kindergartner at The Renaissance Learning Center in West Palm Beach, Florida. She died on September 21, 2008, when she wandered away from her home in Wellington, Florida and was found drowned in a nearby body of water. Her parents are Kalen and John Bacile.

Tribute to Kaitlin Bacile: "Her smile was contagious and she touched so many lives in her 5 short years with us. Kaitlin is an angel who represented pure love, and will be missed by all who loved her (From Kaitlin Bacile's Obituary)."

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