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Shalom Koby Lawson (2009-2017) Shalom Koby Lawson was 8 years old and had autism. He was born on June 23, 2009, and is from Louisville, Ke...

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Kristina Vlassenko

Kristina Vlassenko (2001-2011)

Kristina S. Vlassenko was 10 years old and had autism. Kristina was born on May 12, 2001 and was from Arvada, Colorado. On May 30, 2011 Kristina wandered away from her home and went missing. The next day on May 31, 2011, she was found drowned in a water-filled hole at a construction site near her home in Arvada, Colorado. Her parents are Serguei and Liliya Vlassenko.

Tribute to Kristina Vlassenko: Kristina was a wonderful and happy child and she and her family are originally from Russia. She attended Fremont Elementary School in Arvada where she made many friends. Kristina was kind and easily forgiving. She enjoyed music, dance and her family & friends. Kristina had a great sense of humor and loved to tease and be teased. She will be missed by all of her family and friends (From Obituary for Kristina Vlassenko).

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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Alex Swigart

Alex Swigart, 12 Years

Alex Swigart was 12 years old and had autism. Alex Swigart died on April 2, 2011, at the age of 12, when his home near Bisbee Junction, Arizona caught on fire. Alex Swigart was the first in the family to smell smoke and he woke his father Joseph Swigart. This quick action probably saved the life of his father and his father's girlfriend who was in the house. In the chaos of the fire, Alex separated from his father and ran back into the house. He was found dead in the house after the fire was put out.

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