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Shalom Koby Lawson (2009-2017) Shalom Koby Lawson was 8 years old and had autism. He was born on June 23, 2009, and is from Louisville, Ke...

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Marcus McGhee

Marcus McGhee (2007-2016)

Marcus "Stink" McGhee was 9 years old and had autism. He was born on July 9, 2007, and lived in South Windsor, Connecticut. Hundreds of volunteers searched for Marcus McGhee after he went missing on Thanksgiving Day. On November 26, 2016, his body was found near a body of water in Pearland, Texas near Houston. When he went missing, Marcus was in Texas visiting family for the Thanksgiving holiday at the home of his uncle Marcus Camby, an ex-NBA player. Marcus McGhee and Mia Camby are Marcus' parents.

Tribute to Marcus McGhee:   
"Despite having Autism he was special in so many ways. The pictures and videos will keep him visible in our minds, his smile will keep him alive in our hearts and we are grateful for the treasure called "Stink" whom God allowed us to share for the past nine years. Marcus attended preschool at Eli Terry in South Windsor, CT then excelled and moved to Coltsville-River Street Autism Program. He was excited to go to school and learn his communication skills via songs, Pecs and sign language (From Marucs McGhee's Obituary)."

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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Deonn Carter

Deonn Carter (1984-2016)

Deonn Rashod Carter was 31 years old and had autism. He lived in Columbus, Georgia. He was born on November 2, 1984, in Nuremburg, Germany. Deonn Carter died on August 20, 2016, as a result of gunshot wounds he sustained 11 days earlier during a robbery at his apartment complex on August 9, 2016.  He graduated from Columbus High School. Deonn Carter was employed by Piggly Wiggly as a bagger and stocker since 2003 and he served as a deacon at Love Revolution Church. His parents are Freddie Carter and Suzette Ragland.

Tribute to Deonn Carter:  

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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Damion Davidson

Damion Alexander Davidson (2007-2016)

Damion Alexander Davidson was 8 years old and had autism. He lived in Duncan, Oklahoma. He was born  on September 30, 2007, and had just finished 2nd grade as a student at Mark Twain Elementary School in Duncan, Oklahoma. Damion liked thunderstorms and he wandered away from his home in the middle of the night on June 12, 2016 during one. For two weeks volunteers and officials helped search for Damion. On June 25, 2016, his body was found under storm debris in Clandy Creek in Duncan, Oklahoma. He died as a result of drowning. Richard and Joketta Davidson are Damion's parents.

Tribute to Damion Davidson:  "Damion loved to go swimming, play outside, watch the trains taht passed by his home and watching Mickey Mouse Club House on television. He loved when it was dark outside so he could look up and watch the stars (Damion Davidson's Obituary)."

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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Kreed Joshua

Kreed Joshua (1997-2016)

Kreed Joshua was 18 years old and had autism. He lived in Colorado. Kreed Joshua was born on September 9, 2007 and died on May 12, 2016, following a prolonged battle with several complicated health conditions besides autism, including hypothyroidism, epilepsy, SCAD, Adrenal Insuficiency, and CVID. Kreed had become known in the autism community for sharing his life with us as the star of several videos on his popular YouTube Channel called Kreed's World. Kreed Joshua's mother is blogger Erin Polk. You can read more information about the life of Kreed Joshua and his family's memories on her blog called Kreed's World.

The following is a tribute video made on YouTube for Kreed.

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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Joshua Titus

Joshua Titus (1990-2016)

Joshua Titus was 25 years old and had autism. He lived in Auburn, Maine. He was born in Romania on October 14, 1990 and was adopted as an infant by Andrew and Carolyn Titus. Joshua Titus passed away on April 6, 2016, from cancer. He served as the manager of the Edward Little High School Basketball Team and became a national inspiration when he entered the final home game of the season and scored 9 points. His story became one of the top 10 high school sports stories on ESPN in 2009 and he inspired the Maine McDonald's Games Spirit of the Game Award that is named after him. Joshua Titus worked for Bates College. He is survived by his parents Andrew and Carolyn Titus and his brother Nathan Titus.

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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Jonathan Shay

Jonathan Shay, 13 years

Jonathan Shay was 13 years old and had autism. He was from St. James, Missouri. On July 9, 2015, Jonathan went missing in a rural area near Dry Fork Creek. He wandered out with his cousin Xavier Baylor. Xavier was found a day later but there was no sign of Jonathan Shay. Several searches by volunteers and law enforcement were conducted during the weeks when Jonathan Shay remained missing. His remains were discovered on February 21, 2016 on property near where he was last seen. Jonathan Shay's mother is Melissa Perkins.

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Monday, February 8, 2016

Daniel Joost

Daniel Joost, 18 Years

Daniel Joost was 18 years old and had autism. He was from Oak Forest, Illinois near Chicago. Daniel Joost and his mother Margaret O'Leary-Joost were discovered murdered in their home on February 8, 2016. Daniel's father, David Joost, allegedly was responsible for the homicides and was found in the garage having committed suicide. Daniel Joost is survived by a sister, Kathryn Joost, who was away at college during this tragic murder-suicide.

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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Danielle Jacobs

Danielle Jacobs (1991-2016)

Danielle Jacobs was 24 years old and had the form of autism known as Asperger's syndrome. Danielle had become famous for a video she placed on YouTube in 2015 which went viral and showed an event when her dog Samson calmed her when she was having a meltdown. On February 4, 2016, she was shot and killed by police, who were called to her home in Mesa, Arizona. The officer involved shooting is under investigation.

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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Jayliel Vega Batista

Jayliel Vega Batista, 5 Years

Jayliel Vega Batista was 5 years old and had autism. He lived in Allentown, Pennsylvania. He wandered away from a New Year's Eve party on December 31, 2015. After an intensive search his body was discovered on January 2, 2016, in the Lehigh Canal, located a quarter of a mile from the home he went missing from. His parents are Gilberto L. Vega and Yelitza I. Batista.

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