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Shalom Koby Lawson

Shalom Koby Lawson (2009-2017) Shalom Koby Lawson was 8 years old and had autism. He was born on June 23, 2009, and is from Louisville, Ke...

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Kreed Joshua

Kreed Joshua (1997-2016)

Kreed Joshua was 18 years old and had autism. He lived in Colorado. Kreed Joshua was born on September 9, 2007 and died on May 12, 2016, following a prolonged battle with several complicated health conditions besides autism, including hypothyroidism, epilepsy, SCAD, Adrenal Insuficiency, and CVID. Kreed had become known in the autism community for sharing his life with us as the star of several videos on his popular YouTube Channel called Kreed's World. Kreed Joshua's mother is blogger Erin Polk. You can read more information about the life of Kreed Joshua and his family's memories on her blog called Kreed's World.

The following is a tribute video made on YouTube for Kreed.

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