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Friday, December 14, 2012

Dylan Hockley

Dylan Hockley (2006-2012)

Dylan Hockley was 6 years old and had autism. He is from Newton, Connecticut.  He was killed in the school shooting that happened on December 14, 2012, at Sandy Brook Elementary School in Newton, Connecticut. Dylan is the son of Ian and Nicole Hockley. He is also survived by a brother Jake Hockley.

"He helped us to be stronger people than we might have been without him (Ian Hockley, Source)."
"He was always smiling, always laughing. If he laughed, other people laughed with him. He loved to be tickled so people would come up to him and just start tickling him, just to hear him laugh. It was like music. (Nicole Hockley, Source)." 

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