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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mikaela Lynch

Mikaela Lynch, 9 Years

Mikaela Lynch of Clear Lake, California had autism and passed away at 9 years of age. She went missing on on May 12, 2013, from her back yard, where she was playing on a trampoline and slipped out through a fence gate that was accidently left open for a brief time. Rescue personnel discovered her body in Cache Creek in Clearlake on May 15, 2013.

Tributes: Her Constant Smile and Laughter Were Contagious and Uplifting
"Beautiful. Determined. Fearless. Proud. All words used by Mikaela's loved ones to describe who she was as a human being. Her constant smile and laughter were contagious and uplifting. A girl with meaningful intentions, she let the world know what was really worthwhile. Mikaela freely shared her love with those around her, with huge hugs, kisses, and the more than occasional "plop down in your lap (On Mikaela's Village Memorial Website)." 
The S.F. Gate quoted Mike Dowling, Mikaela's godfather as saying she had an "ever-present smile" and was "Extremely gregarious. Just a great laugh, a fantastic laugh (Source)."
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