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Jeremy Garcia

Jeremy Garcia (2002-2017) Jeremy Garcia was 15 years old and had autism. Jeremy wandered from his home and was hit by a truck on December 2...

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Andre Anderson

Andre Anderson, 22 Years

Andre Anderson was 22 years old and had autism. Andre died on April 2, 2013, when the house where he lived in East Oak Lane, Pennsylvania near Philadelphia caught on fire. Gherta Ladoucer attempted to get Andre out during the fire, but he panicked when he heard the fire alarm noise and retreated to his room. Jean and Gherta Ladoucer took Andre into their home 5 years ago and helped provide a place for him to live within their family. Jean Ladoucer said, "When nobody else wanted him [Andre Anderson], we opened up our house to him. It wasn't easy but he was comfortable with us (ABC 6 Action News, Annie McCormick, 4/3/2013)."

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